We're the knobset experts!

All of our products are sourced from highly reputable suppliers and are engineered for high-security and end-user convenience.

We're not afraid to speak out to our suppliers on issues that we find in our products. We work in collaboration with Australia's most talented and visionary locksmiths and manufacturers to ensure nothing but the best for our customers.

When you're a leader in the field, you don't accept anything but quality!

What we work with

Convenience -Quality - Security - Versatility - Visionary


We've got a series of superior qualitycommercial and residential grade knobsets that are recognised for their versatility, reliability and ease of use

Carbine CEL

A touch screen LED keypad for code entry, an RFID card, and a key override, this Electronic Leverset turns your door into a digital powerhouse


Superior quality commercial and residential grade leversets that are rekeyable to suit most commercial uses, disability compliant, and work in restricted systems


Padlocks that are uniquely designed to be simple to re-key and interchange shackles and bodies that enable the user to change function in seconds

Door Hardware
Cabinet Lock
Push Button Lock
Digital Lock

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