Complaints Policy

Oh no! We really hoped you wouldn't see this!

Sometimes things happen however, which is why we've built this policy to guide the conversation.


AAA Locks Pty Ltd is committed to a fair and equitable process for dealing with customer complaints.  We strive to deal with issues as soon as they emerge, in order to avoid further disruption or the need for a formal complaint.  In the event that Complaints cannot be resolved internally, we will advise the customer of the appropriate body where they can seek further assistance.

All written complaints will be treated in confidence.

Customers will be advised, at the time of their complaint, of the customer complaints process and of their rights.


If customers have complaints about any aspect of AAA Locks Pty Ltd’ service, they are encouraged to speak immediately with the appropriate member of management in order to resolve the issue.

If the customer is not satisfied that the complaint has been resolved, he/she should forward a written complaint to the Board of Directors, setting out in detail the issue(s) of concern. The Board will attempt to resolve the complaint within fifteen (15) working days from the receipt of the written complaint.  If necessary, the Board will invite an appropriate external agent to act as an objective party in order to negotiate a satisfactory resolution.

If the matter is still not resolved, the complainant will be advised that he/she may pursue the complaint through legal avenues, the Anti-discrimination Board, Consumer Affairs; or other bodies as appropriate.

The outcomes of all customer complaints must be recorded in writing.

The complainant must be given a written statement of the outcomes, including reasons for the decision.

Complaints are to be registered on our Continuous Improvement Register.

Complaints will be tabled and reviewed at weekly staff meetings.

Outcomes for continuous improvement will follow the continuous improvement procedure and/or our risk management procedure.

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